Activity Inspiration

How might we support group coordinators to better engage volunteers, and keep them coming back?

Status: Accepting Signups

Toolbox of practical volunteer engagement methods

  • Best Practice

    We'll be curating and crowdsourcing best practice resources for engaging environmental volunteers, to give you bite sized ideas.

  • Coaching Support 

    We know that making changes is more than about just having a toolbox, so we're building a way to connect with coaches to improve your practice.

  • Build Engagement

    The scale of challenges that face us if we're to reverse biodiversity loss is huge. Our main goal is to enable you to build an army of loyal & engaged volunteers.

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I am currently developing this initiative and am looking for people who would like to shape the direction. 

If you're currently looking for some inspiration to support you build a more engaged and loyal volunteer base, I'd love to hear from you. 

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