An overview of my code of ethics


This information is valid for a period of five (5) years.

Researcher Introduction

I am a post-grad student who has worked within environmental conservation, social entrepreneurship and technology for the last 10 years. I am exploring how we can make a difference in conservation, as I care deeply about reversing biodiversity loss, and believe that community-led conservation plays an important role in doing this.

Participant Recruitment

I intend to work with a range of people in the conservation sector, including but not limited to; community group coordinators, environmental volunteers, paid conservation rangers/ coordinators, volunteer managers, conservation funders and international travellers who volunteer. I am focusing on the community group coordinators who are unpaid or part-paid for their work, who work with a range of volunteers on revegetation projects.

Project Procedures

This research will focus on interviews and participatory workshops with participants to learn more about their experience of environmental projects, challenges they face, and opportunities to improve the overall experience and outcomes.

We hope to use this research to create further opportunities in April through September 2017 to explore possible solutions to these challenges, through facilitated workshops. From September 2017 to August 2018, we will offer further opportunities to test prototypes of solutions to these challenges. You may be approached for these follow ups, if you indicate you are interested.

Data Collection

All data collected in the project will kept securely and safely in Google Drive which has industry-leading security. Find out more about Google Drive security levels here:

I will be using any collected data towards this research project to better understand the current reality of our research participant(s) and shape any solutions which emerge from this research component of this project.

Any photos or videos will be taken with the consent of the participants. This will include publishing consent in any public communications that may help to promote and/or explain the ideas I am researching.

Some data may be aggregated and may be published publicly. In this case, we will ensure the data is made anonymous. Where it is not possible, there will be a consent form, or opt out supplied to the participant.

Participant Involvement

This research will be undertaken in the form of one-on-one or group interviews, led by Sam Rye. Costs for travel can be reimbursed.

Participant’s Rights

You are under no obligation to accept this invitation. If you decide to participate, you have the right to:

Decline to answer any particular question;

Withdraw from the study (no specific timeframe);

Ask any questions about the study at any time during participation;

Provide information on the understanding that your name will not be used unless you give permission to the researcher;

Be given access to a summary of the project findings when it is concluded.

Ask for the audio/video tape to be turned off at any time during the research.

Project Contacts

Please feel free to contact me at any stage if have any questions about the project:

Sam Rye


Senior Lecturer and Research advisor

Tristam Sparks

Telephone: +64 (0)27 372 4597


We take your privacy seriously. Your contact information will never be used for any other purpose other than to contact you about your participation in this production or design research.

This project has been evaluated by peer review and judged to be low risk. Consequently, it has not been reviewed by one of the University’s Human Ethics Committees. The researcher(s) named above are responsible for the ethical conduct of this research.

If you have any concerns about the conduct of this research that you wish to raise with someone other than the researcher(s), please contact Professor John O’Neill, Director (Research Ethics), telephone +64 6350 5249, email