Impact Stories

How might we support group coordinators to create compelling impact reports with minimal overhead?

Status: In Development

Web app to turn data into impact reports 

  • Capture Data 

    The data about groups' activities is often sitting on paper, spreadsheets, or in a coordinator's head. We aim to support them to capture it quickly and easily.

  • Tell Better Stories

    Impact reports for funders are a requirement for most groups, yet they're often lacking in character. We aim to bring impact to life with images and data.

  • Increase Funding

    Environmental groups are systemically underfunded, often because they're unable to tell an effective story about their impact. We aim to change that.

Get In Touch

I am currently developing this project and am looking for people who would like to shape the direction. 

If you're currently working on a restoration project and are interested in how to tell the story of your progress, I'd love to hear from you. 

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